The Slavery Tax Rate:  Allopoly Theory View larger

The Slavery Tax Rate: Allopoly Theory

ISBN: 978-0-9964681-2-1

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Author: Alain Hadges

Language:  English

Genre:  Economics

Paperback:  160 pages,  6 x 9 x 0.43 in,  1.1 lbs.

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It is often said that private enterprise operates more efficiently than government.  

However, private enterprise has the tremendous advantage of a single objective metric to demonstrate precisely how well a business has been operated in the past, and how well it is currently being run.  This versatile metric also sets targets for future performance for any kind of private enterprise.  It takes into account all operational efficiencies and inefficiencies, competence and incompetence and all decisions both helpful and detrimental.  That metric is profit.

The government operates differently from private enterprise.  It currently has no single metric that can be used to measure how well it is run, or to set targets for future performance.  Government does not offer goods or services based upon supply and demand.  Instead it imposes taxes, and other costs on its population and uses force of law to take the taxes if the population refuses to pay.

This text proposes a single metric that is to government what the measurement of profit is to business, explains the theory and shows you how to compute it with real data.